Schlafzimmer, abstraktes Kunstwerk über dem Doppelbett

Buy or rent works of art?

Just as I like to value a personal relationship with buyers of my works, it is also the other way round a need for many to meet the artist, the artist behind the work of art, and to get to know each other face to face. To look at pictures on site at exhibitions or to sniff the studio air and rummage among the works of art - this will also be of special quality in the future.

The new way to buy art
Added to this - not least due to pandemic-related restrictions - is a new way of satisfying the longing for art. Out of the desire to buy a work by an artist from another country, paired with advancing technologies and international networking, a trend has developed that cannot be stopped and that I am not closed to.

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Buying art online  – the new trend

He helps me and art lovers from all over the world to find the direct way to each other. Now a new exciting world opens up, just waiting to use its advantages to bring joy and make yourself happy with a work of art.


Buying art is not an everyday occurrence, it is a highly emotional experience.


You can of course fall in love with a picture spontaneously and purchase it immediately. Or you take the time to find out more about me and my work. In this way, a feeling of intimacy can arise and give the picture of your choice added value, which makes it something special for you.

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and done seriously and safely for me.

your advantages

- comfortably from the sofa -

- safe delivery worldwide -

- Free return within 14 days -

- secure payment by bank transfer or credit card -

- experienced art advice and expert service -

My advantages

- no time-consuming and costly administration -

- no effort with shipping -

- I have more time to paint -

- secure processing and payment -

Buy or rent works of art?

Unique pieces of art don't have to be expensive. With rentable works of art you can upgrade your rooms, make the ambience more harmonious and change it regularly without high costs.

For companies, rental costs for works of art are even deductible operating expenses.

Virtual test hanging

Before purchasing a piece of art, it can be helpful to include your favorites in your own

To assess rooms. There is now a simple option - without the need for costly transport

of a work of art - the true-to-scale representation on your mobile phone or tablet.

Anführungszeichen oben

I fell in love with this picture spontaneously when I saw it at a vernissage by Sylvia Galos and bought it straight away. We now have a second work by her that has found an equally prominent place in our living room.

private art collector, Burgenland