Bildausschnitt, abstraktes Kunstwerk von Sylvia Galos, große beige Fläche mit Strukturen über Rot


abstract art

A picture is not thought out and fixed from the start. While it is being done it changes as one's thoughts change.

And when it's done it still keeps changing, it still goes on changing, depending on the condition of whoever looks at it.

- Pablo Picasso

Dear art lovers, dear collectors of abstract art!

I am pleased that you have landed on my website. Enjoy your journey of

discovery and good luck in your search for "your" picture.

abstraktes Bild, quadratisch, gelb, rot, schwarzer Rahmen, 2 gelbe Fauteuils mit schwarzen Beinen

Find a suitable work of art for your rooms

Bild abstrakt, pastellarben über Bett, rosa Polster, weißes Nachtkästchen

Virtual test hanging

Before buying a picture, it can be helpful to include your favorites of your own

To assess rooms. There is now a simple option - without the need for costly transport

of a work of art - the true-to-scale representation on your mobile phone or tablet.



All my artworks that you find on Saatchi Art can also be viewed in your room.

To view, open camera on smartphone and scan code associated with your favorite artwork.


Hand hält Handy und fotografiert abstraktes Bild über Bett im Schlafzimmer