Die Künstlerin Sylvia Galos, Kopf nach hinten geneigt, blaues Kleid, vor Steinmauer und Oleander

After almost 35 years in the advertising industry as a graphic designer, copywriter and conceptualist, I finally followed my inner voice and returned to the visual arts. Since 2009 I have been enjoying my ideas being implemented independently of clients.

Hand von Sylvia Galos hält Pinsel mit roter Farbe und malt kräftige rote Streifen auf Leinwand
große Anführungszeichen zum Zitat

I feel lucky when my pictures mediate the inexpressible in conversation with the viewer.

Artist statement

I start my pictures with no idea, no intention. I work in series very often. Guided by impulses, spontaneous brushstrokes create pictures that often remain in this form. Others experience change - the diffuse becomes concrete, the concrete becomes abstract.
My favorite colors are all shades of red and blue, earth and sand tones. But I also love the reduction to black and white.

abstraktes Bild mit dynamischen Gesten in unterschiedlicher Dicke in Schwarz auf Weiß
abstraktes Bild mit dynamischen kalligraphieähnlichen Gesten in Schwarz auf Weiß
dynamische Gesten in Schwarz auf weißem Grund, dünne Linien kreuzen breite Striche

For me, painting means dealing with my innermost being: with feelings, doubts, longings and the complexity of my personality. I fight for the courage to follow my inner being, which is constantly looking for something new and does not want to stay true to any style, just itself.

I would like to give the viewer the opportunity to search for traces and to find their individual associations and interpretations. Mostly without a title, my pictures therefore give no clue to my n associations.

Dr. Eva Maltrovsy, mit schwarzer Brille und schwarzer Jacke. lächelnd
Anführungszeichen groß

The work of Sylvia Galos can be classified in the tradition of the abstract-expressive line. She explores contrasts with energetic, intense colors, or she experiments with a predominantly light color palette, in whose monochrome one can discover an exciting liveliness in the subtle nuances, and to which stronger color areas give depth. Delicate glazes allow deeper layers to shine through, opening up a pictorial space. In some works in acrylic and mixed technology, the surface structure is given a haptic effect by adding coarser materials.

Dr. Eva Maltrovsky

abstraktes Werk von der Künstlerin Sylvia Galos in Rot und Braun
abstraktes Werk in Acryl von der Künstlerin Sylvia Galos in Rot, Weiß und Schwarz
Acrylbild von Sylvia Galos, explodierendes Rot nach oben
abstraktes Werk von Sylvia Galos, zwei ovale rote Formen durch Balken miteinander verbunden
dynamische abstrakte Figur auf schwarzem und weißem Hintergrund von der Künstlerin Sylvia Galos