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Sylvia Galos, Künstlerin vor einer Wand an der abstrakte Kunstwerke lehnen. Sie trägt eine bemalte <leinwand von rechts nach links, Bewegungsunschärfe
Sylvia Galos, Künstlerin bei der Arbeit an einem Bild, im Hintergrund ein abstraktes Kunstwerk in rosa schwarz und weiß

I start my pictures with no idea, no intention. I work in series very often. Guided by impulses, spontaneous brushstrokes create pictures that often remain in this form. Others experience change - the diffuse becomes concrete, the concrete becomes abstract.
My favorite colors are all shades of red and blue, earth and sand tones. But I also love the reduction to black and white.


The artist, who was born in Burgenland/Austria, was active in the creative field from an early age. So it was no wonder that she decided to pursue a career as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. For many years she looked after numerous companies with great commitment and great success.
But in order to escape the constraints of the industry and to be able to work independently and self-determined, she finally decided in 2009 to set an anchor in her career and to explore her passion - painting - more intensively.
From then on she consistently continued on her chosen path and continued to develop herself self-taught and in intensive cooperation with well-known art professors and artists such as Giselbert Hoke, Alexander Jeanmaire, Sepp Laubner and Robert Zielasko.
For several years, the artist has preferred to live and work on Mallorca, her second home.
The current focus of her work is the complex topic of visible and invisible connections, which she works on abstractly, freed from reality. Accompanied by solo exhibitions in Greater Europe, her high-quality works are now internationally popular beyond her home borders.

Hände von Sylvia Galos, künstlerin, abstrakte Malerei, hält eine orange Kreide in der einen Hand und stützt sich mit der anderen Hand auf eine Leinwand mit grünem und türkisen Farbauftrag
Atelier von Sylvia Galos, Künstlerin, abstrakte Malerei, Staffelei, working in progress, Acrylfarben

"Pictures to enjoy! We now have two works of art by Sylvia Galos. They add wonderful value to our home.”

“We were impressed by the earthy depth and diverse possibilities of interpretation. The picture
suits us and our home so well.”

"In their abstraction, the images create a wonderful expression of artistic complexity."

"Sylvia Galos has equipped our physiotherapy practice very sensitively with her works."

“Everyone who comes to visit us wants to know who painted the picture above our fireplace.

It speaks to everyone.”

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