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Ausschnitt von einem Kunstwerk von Sylvia Galos, abstrakte Kunst, beige, braun, Sand
Logo von sylvia Galos, Künstlerin, abstrakte Malerei

pas de deux 3.0

Dance with the brush
dialogue with colors

An experience for everyone
who take pleasure in self-made things,
who enjoy working creatively,
who want to paint abstract
who paint with acrylic
who want to further develop their painting,
who appreciate the creative exchange,
who want to express themselves through painting
who want to discover their very own, artistic expression,
the impulses, valuable suggestions and
looking for practical instructions
who always wanted to try something new,
who have ideas and those who are looking for ideas.

For the curious, those who like to experiment, those interested in art (painting enthusiasts), beginners, advanced, enthusiastic, undecided, spontaneous, fearful, courageous, ...

That awaits you


Discovering the world of painting together
stimulate each other in conversation
shared artistic and philosophical reflections



Tips, instructions, suggestions from my artistic experience

playful handling

tools and materials

Basic knowledge and rules to break them

chores to do at home


happy togetherness

relaxed atmosphere

fun work

That will happen

Your skills, your artistic potential will be awakened.
You will discover your creativity - your creativity will be unleashed.
You learn to trust your intuition.
You will boldly express what is inside you through your pictures.
You will bring beautiful things into the world to make yourself and others happy.
You will forget the world around you.
You will find a way to show your feelings.
You will feel happiness.


workshop details
read all the details

I'm interested -
but I still have questions.

Sylvia Galos, Künstlerin, abstrakte Malerei, Workshops, anmelden
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