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Which artwork goes with my sofa?

You should think about that firstnotlet guide. Art has to suit the resident. Tastes couldn't be more different. Ultimately, art is the same as with your own four walls - you should simply like it and express your own feelings. The subjective perception decides and you should trust that. You buy a work of art because you are instinctively attracted to it, because it reflects your personality and there is an invisible connection.

Rent an artwork

Unique artworks don't have to be expensive. With rentable artworks you can upgrade your premises, make the ambience more harmonious and change it regularly without high costs.

For companies, the rental costs for artworks are even deductible operating expenses.

Virtual test hanging

Before buying a picture, it can be helpful to include your favorites of your own

To assess rooms. There is now a simple option - without the need for costly transport

of a work of art - the true-to-scale representation on your mobile phone or tablet.


Hand hält Handy und fotografiert abstraktes Bild über Bett im Schlafzimmer

rent art

Without a large budget, you have the opportunity to test whether you have really found your favorite picture. Maybe you also like to change pictures from time to time. By renting my artworks, you can always enjoy a new artwork.

For companies, the rental costs for works of art are even deductible business expenses.  
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