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Art is a present

Create joy with a work of art

Art is as personal to the individual as a perfume. It has to fit you and make you happy. Giving art is a perfect way to show affection.

To give something special to someone you like, consider giving a friend or family member an art gift certificate. This way, the recipient can choose a work of art according to his or her personal taste.

Are vouchers a suitable and welcome present?

Vouchers have in the past conveyed a rather poor image and little ingenuity. But with the advantages of modern technology, where you can enjoy the new experiences of virtual art worlds, the gift recipient can first explore and view different artworks before deciding which one suits his taste best.

With this in mind, I have added online catalogs to my website in addition to image galleries. Owners of art vouchers thus have the opportunity to browse through them to find out which work of art appeals to them personally.

Virtual test hanging helps to decide on an artwork.

efore you choose a piece of art, it can be helpful to view your favorites in your own space. With the virtual hanging app, you can see how the artwork will look in your living room or office.

This clever tool shows the artwork to scale on your cell phone or tablet, making the selection process a pleasant and interesting experience - without the need for costly and expensive transportation.

Virtual test hanging works very easy

Make gift recipients aware that - before they decide on a work of art - they can virtually test hang a work of art. This is very easy and gives a good impression of the effect of the picture in the room. Saved as a photo, it can be viewed at any time and also shared with others. Here you will find the description of the virtual test hanging.

Consulting for the selection of artworks

I'm very happy to travel to my prospective buyers with shortlisted artworks to see the space for myself and give advice. But I think with the possibility of virtual test hanging, some time-consuming and costly transports can be avoided. Especially in these difficult times, a wonderful opportunity to approach the matter - art - in a non-contact and light-hearted way.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to advise you and answer your questions.


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