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Verdichtung / Compaction

Open Studios Day 2023 in Northern Burgenland

Sonntag, 7. Mai 2023, 10-18 Uhr Uhr

7081 Schützen/Gebirge

Eisenstädterstraße 54

As part of "OFFEN.2023" - the initiative for contemporary art in Burgenland - I am pleased to be able to show my paintings to visitors in the workshop of the ceramist Eveline Lehner.

In addition to the most important medium, ceramics, Eveline Lehner's works show connections to graphics and painting. All materials and processes serve her to find subjective expression, which is characterised by a constant examination of the language of form and the possibilities of design.

The artist is concerned with the elementary reference to the existence of things. There is no longer any "use value". They are a symbol of the transience of things and action documents of life. In this sense, Eveline Lehner's three-dimensional works are designed confrontations with the complex structures of our reality.

"I am not a ceramist, not a graphic artist, not a painter - all materials and processes serve me to find subjective expression. I have to be convinced of my work and work consistently on compaction".

IIn the confrontation with the materials and forms of expression used by Eveline Lehner, I recognised a connection of previously undiscovered commonalities and exciting contrasts. My current artistic theme "Connections" follows my vision of establishing a culture of connection in our society and found its expression in the selection of works that I will show on 7 May in the "Workshop for Contemporary Perception" in conjunction with the works of Eveline Lehner.

"I have made it my task not only to grasp opposites intellectually, but to integrate them in their emotional value and transform them in my paintings".

Thus, condensation also takes place in my paintings in my individual way: "In the painting process, I leave the world of knowledge, surrender to the lightness of being. I scratch at boundaries, dissolve them, paint over existing things again until they radiate a vibrating oscillation in perfect unison. Visually, our actual, healing goal emerges: the harmonious whole."

Two more guests on the day

Mit Sprachkunst beeindrucken um 14 und 16 Uhr zwei weitere Gäste: Helene Proissl, die Preisträgerin des Harder Literaturförderpreises und Hannah Kocevar, Gewinnerin des Stipendiums der Jugend-Literatur-Werkstatt Graz.

Tasty density

will also be evident in the wines donated by Weingut Braunstein from Purbach and Weintourismus Burgenland.


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