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30 artworks 30% off!

What do artists do in the lockdown? They paint diligently, can hardly attend exhibitions and sell little! Accordingly, my depot has also filled up excessively with paintings.

That is why I have decided to part with 30 paintings from my depot at a one-time special price.

Perhaps those who have made up their minds at short notice are still planning to fulfil their own Christmas wish in the form of an abstract work of art. Now would be the best opportunity!

Are you curious? Visit my website and get inspired!

You can also try out my paintings virtually. This way you can test in advance whether you like one or the other artwork on your wall. You can find instructions for virtual test hanging here.

Tip: Art is a gift.

Art is as personal to the individual as perfume. It has to suit you and make you happy. Giving art as a gift is a perfect way to show affection.

To give something special to someone you like, consider giving a friend or family member an art voucher. This way, the recipient can choose a work of art according to their personal taste.

In my smart art shop you can also purchase art vouchers.


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