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Interior design with artworks for rent.

Presenting a painting to art lovers can be expensive! In addition, the question remains open whether the selected artwork even hits the mark in terms of taste. What is often already difficult for the resident to decide, is even more difficult for those who want to give art as a gift.

In this case, my KunstMietGutschein (art rental voucher) is the perfect solution. I created it to give people the opportunity to add their personal touch to rooms without having to dig deep into their pockets and without having to commit themselves forever.

ArtRentVouchers for many occasions

These vouchers for an abstract unique artwork are available for smaller image formats and also for larger formats from 50 x 70 cm. The rental period is 6 months and is a cheaper alternative to purchase. You can order the vouchers directly in my smart art onlineshop.

Virtual test hanging helps to decide on a work of art.

Make gift recipients aware that before they decide on a work of art, they can virtually hang an artwork. This is very easy and gives a good impression of the effect of the picture in the room. Saved as a photo, it can be viewed at any time and also shared with others. Here you will find the description of the virtual test hanging.

Beratung bei der Bilderwahl

Ich fahre mit Kunstwerken, die in die engere Wahl kommen, sehr gerne zu meinen Interessenten, um mir selbst ein Bild vom Raum zu machen und zu beraten. Aber ich denke, mit der Möglichkeit des virtuellen Probehängens können einige zeit- und kostenaufwendige Transporte vermieden werden. Gerade in diesen schwierigen Zeiten, eine wunderbare Gelegenheit, kontaktlos und unbeschwert an die Sache – an Kunst – heranzugehen.


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