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What was. What is. What remains.

Sylvia Galos 2011–2021
10 years of abstract painting


Friday, November 19, 7:00 pm

Cselley Mühle

The title of the exhibition refers not only to my art work, but also at the same time to the Cselley Mühle, where at the end of the year with the change of ownership an era comes to an end. Numerous memories connect me with the much too early deceased founders Robert Schneider and Sepp Laubner. Participation in workshops and symposia at the Cselley Mill have left lasting impressions on me. Sepp Laubner's work has influenced me significantly, but at the same time challenged me to find my own style. Today I follow my innermost self, which is constantly searching for something new and does not want to remain true to any style, only to myself.

Exactly 10 years ago Sepp Laubner encouraged me to have my first big solo exhibition and curated it. The exhibition 2021 and the catalog is dedicated to my great role model and shows works from 2011 until today.

Visitors have to be vaccinated or healed! Proof must be shown directly at the event.


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